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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

catch up.

I WAS going to post yesterday but was halfway though a long post and gave up as I was interrupted too many times!
I was trying to explain what makes me happy and why. Going into all the details of how past life experiences have changed me almost beyond recognition. As I work in a high school, I am often reminded of how I used to be. Its hard not to laugh sometimes ( don't worry I wouldn't) when they tell me of the things that bother them. They used to bother me too - you know, how I look, who likes me,. what possessions I have.
At my youngest daughters age (almost 16), I too wanted it all. I was shy, uptight, good ,bossy, naive, materialistic and thought I knew it all. I wanted a handsome rich husband, big house and two children. I was going to be a beauty therapist ( I was for a while). My family would all sit around the dining table a chat politely over meal. No one shouted and certainly no one swore! Ha Ha.
Now my idea of heaven is a warm sunny day, a few moments of peace and quiet and if the children were to be nice to each other ( no ...that's asking too much!) If I go a day without swearing would be a minor miracle too ;)
The Blogging for scrap bookers prompt asked us to think about an event or special day to talk about. I suppose the event that sticks out for me was a few years ago when Derek and I went to a family wedding in Somerset. Derek's niece married the manager of a famous singer songwriter so it was a big affair and something I won't ever experience again. WE stayed here (which was fabulous) for two days and nights. We had the whole place to ourselves ( the wedding party that is) The food was to die for . The wedding perfect and even the singer attended and performed.
It was a lovely escape but the planning took quite some time as all three of the children had to be farmed out or go to respite care. I do remember how beautiful it all was and our suit was amazing..there was enough room for ten people in the shower ( no we didn't try it!!) and there was a tv in the bathroom on the wall.

Back later with prompt three

Love Soojay xxx

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