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Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Class

To tell you the truth , i forgot that i had signed up to this. It was a little while ago before my other PC broke. It was a nice surprise to get Shimelle's email today :)
Anyway i have had a very quick read and taken a photo of my work space ( well one of them). I have a very messy desk behind me where i have left everything out from the weekend..if you pop over to my other blog, you will see that all i actually did was a card..but i played with new stamping ideas, inks and die cuts.
I am still in love with my PC . As you can see above, in honour of Spring ( here at last!!), i have adorable bunnies as my wallpaper for now. I am sure i will get bored soon but it will take a few weeks.
I spend far too long sitting here, blogging yes but mostly reading forums, social net work sites, hopping all over the internet not to mention shopping!
I do intend over the next few weeks to cut down on this a baking has taken a back seat , so i ought to do a little more of that. and a bit more scrapping instead of just thinking about it.
Ohh and a lot less shopping..i can't really afford it and ought to be saving up.
I need to get back to scrapping at least weekly , i can't remember that last time i did a layout!
Hopefully back tomorrow.

Love soojay xx


Kes said...

I've been terribly slack on the scrapping lately too, and really want to get back to my table - I'm sure that I feel better when I do... Nice to meet you Sue, I'm over from Shimelle's class...

Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

Nice post. Now see, if you do more scrapbooking, it stops you from shopping momentarily. But, once you do a bit of scrapbooking, you will have to do more shopping. So the habits feed off each other. :) Found you through BFS.