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Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Ordinary Day

That's so funny as I doubt that many of my days are ordinary. That's okay though, I don't mind. Our house is manic at the best of times even though my children are hardly "children" any more. Meg, the baby, is 16 in 10 days ahhhhh !
They all have learning difficulties and OCD. Two have tourettes, one "tic" disorder, one has ADHD, one is diabetic, two have had seizures,two have ASD, one has dyspraxia. I THINK that's it, I can't always remember. They ARE all Happy, Loved, loveable, noisy, "normal crazy" Teenagers ( Nat is 26 but might as well be a teen ;))
So like most siblings they dislike each other most of the time, unless I am cross with them all and then they all gang up on me.
So a normal day...well, I certainly need to be up early. Derek works nights so is only home on a Sunday morning. ( at least that's one less fighting for the bath room!) The morning has been planned down to the last detail. They get up at different times so that they all get my attention, time to use the bathroom, and get meds and dressed. One leaves at 7.15, then another at 8.10 , that leaves me 10 mins to get me sorted and get to work ( thankfully a minute away in the car). Nat's taxi arrives later for her placement.
I usually get to work ( not really sure what my job title is ..behavioural assistant? Pastoral care ? pupil support??) Anyway , I get there early ,i need a good car parking space so I can get out quickly (if I am needed or for when I go pick up Nat).
Parents always call before I get to log on to my PC :) Pupils pop in to ask questions, borrow uniform and remove make-up and hand in phones or iPads...iPADS!!! I know!!
Then the day begins at work..most of the things I do are confidential , my boss is one of the child protection officers. I LOVE my job. It is so busy though that I am lucky if I get chance to go to the loo before I go home. At least the day goes quickly.
When Nat and I get home , the others are waiting to tell me news, give me letters. I DO print out a weekly menu so that everyone knows what we are having for tea (very important when you have OCD) , It also means that I don't need to think about it and we buy just what we need.
The best bit of the day is when they have all gone to bed and I have another 20 mins to myself .
Just an ordinary Day

Love Soojay xx

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lyzzydee said...

I wanted to go to your school, i need and ipad!!