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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Blahh Humbug !! It is the theme for this years playscheme and i have to design five cards , for the children to make next week..JOY! Just hope it has cooled down a little by then. I only left school on Fri for my hols and am back again next week with 200 children between 5 and 11 yrs..........i must be MAD!

Took Nats to look around Thornham fordge workshops yesterday. I have never been before and its only a few miles away. They mostly do woodwork and turning but also do IT, crafts, independent living skills and horticulture. No sure how easy it will be to get Nats in , you have to be referred by social services ( but that shouldn't be a problem). She is only at collage for two days at week from Sept and would just lay in bed if left to herself. She seemed to like the place anyway ( especially the crafts, no scrapbooking though)

My SENCO at school is very keen to get some of the children to scrapbook ( i took an album in to show her) She thinks it would be really good for their self esteem, also for some who have problems at home to get some really nice happy photos done.
Was given a really nice compliment before end of term and told i must never leave. Awww felt nice.

We went out again yesterday LOL ALL of us. Just to Mcdonalds ( not been for AGES..revolting!!) and then onto Felixstowe for a walk along the beach and play in the arcades. By the time we popped into Asda on the way home it was 11pm! Tried to watch a video but fell asleep LOL

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