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Monday, July 31, 2006

Great weekend

At Thornham woods. Boy was it hot though! Spent the whole weekend away ( not far though ) arrived about 4.30 on Friday and left 5.30 Sunday. Practically no sleep what so ever..well if can call going to bed at 4.15 on sat morning till 8 am LOL
Lorraine from Scrapagogo had her shop there the whole weekend too..great didn't have to pack many papers. Even though i talked for England( sorry Pat!) i still managed to get 5 Lo's and a mini book done. Janice organised a brilliant weekend and i can't wait till next time. Wonderful company and a great laugh, i was even out snored, so i didn't feel so bad LOL
Started playscheme today. Wasn't as bad as i thought it would be as are down on numbers. They all had a great day making Santa cards, wall climbing, badge making, playing football etc etc.
Have to take Dan to hospital tomorrow as he had a fit at 3am Fri morning. He has had one about 18 months ago and was checked out ( again this was in his sleep) Doc thinks he might be having them more often and we don't know about it as we are all asleep :( I just hope he doesn't have to have more medication.
Anyway on a brighter note , here are a couple of my weekend Lo's :

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