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Sunday, July 23, 2006

No Photos

Camera is playing up! Really need to get both my caremas checked out as i am having problems with both of them :(
On holiday now :) YAYYYYYYYYYYYY
Went to get my eyes tested ( with Meg ) yesterday. We both need new lenses..Meg needs completely new specs as she broke hers. At least hers are free. Mine were £200 just for new lenses !!. Daniel and Dex go on Thursday and Nats on Friday...keep your fingers crossed coz i think we'll be broke by Saturday.
I am off the Thornham woods on Friday night for a weekend of scrapping ( and buying ..scrapagogo's shop will be there) Had a really FAB time last year and expect the samr this year.
Definately going to do the Speshal dare this week. I am VERY poud of my sis Annette who has done this :

I will probably choose the same subject as our mum was my Hero too.
Hope you are nice and cool..I keep having cool baths's lovely for 10 mins!!

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Annette said...

Daft bat :) As I'm sure you know, it came from the heart... Hardly thought it out at all so it was probably Mum doing it :) Looking forward to scrapping with you 9 to 5 next Sat my love xx