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Friday, July 07, 2006

Get well soon Eva

My poor niece broke her wrist today at school. She slipped in the rain playing rounders on the field. Broke her Ulna and fractured her radius.She has to go back to hospital on Monday to see if it has to be pinned. Its times like that , i am glad i work at the high school as i was able to sit with her till my sister arrived to take her to hospital.
What a day!! When i arrived at work this morn, i found out that the SEN dep. had been broken into. Although they made a mess ( we were not allowed to clean up our lockers till the police had finger printed them), not a lot was stolen, two laptops and MY scrapbook bag ( i have been working on the heads leaving gift with some year 9's)

Its quite a distinctive bag so it will stand out a mile around here. I know of very few scrappers who would have a bag like this who live locally!
Poor Dex had all the children home with him today (techically yesterday now) and was really tired when i got home from work although he said they had behaved very well.
Our School got the sport/sience status that we applied for which is great. We are going to have loads more buildings and we have finally got the field next to us. There are going to be at least two large sports buildings and finally foodlit tennis courts. Boy am i glad i am not the evening caretaker anymore!! I was finding it very hard last year to get everything done without all the new buildings to look after.
Got to spend the weekend cleaning as we are having new windows put in next week and the workmen have to actually get to the bloody things!!!...Need a skip!

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