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Friday, July 07, 2006

Quick word about special schools

Got Daniels school report yesterday ( well actually found it on the floor in the living room!!) Dan is n year 7 at Ashley special schhool and this was his very first report.
He had a VERY hard time at primary school and in the end hated going and often came home wishing he as dead!
His reoprt was Brill ..i am so proud of what he has achived since he has been there and it has all been worth while. I felt bad about sending to a school where he has to be picked up at 7.30 each morning and dropped off at 4.45 each day, where he didn't know anyone etc.
Here is the bit HE wrote in his report:

I am much happier at this school, and i get more help. I still need to improve some of my behaviour but i have tried really hard. I really like activities like, signing,waterpolo and football.

He has also ( finally) learned to swim..hence the waterpolo) and represented his school in cross country.....last year i took him out of the primary sports day as it did NOTHING to encourage him or promote his very low self esteem.
Just thought i'd share something wonderful for a change, and say that i am so glad we were able to get him into one of the ever decreasing supply of special needs schools.


Cath said...

You must be so very proud! Well done to him! Fabulous

Suzi said...

aww well done him! :)thats fantastic!
love your LO! i should have thought of the Alanis concert i did!