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Sunday, July 02, 2006


But not going to complain about the weather. We don't get enough sunshine in my opinion.
Nothing exciting to report this weekend. Dex took Dan and Meg out to the cinema, of all places to day..he said it was quiet cool inside. They all had fun anyway, though they came home with out doing lunch ( megs fault!) They saw "over the hedge" which they all said was great. Apparently there is a squirrel in it that Dex is sure has ADHD as it reminded him of Dan.
I went Tesco with Natalie but she had a funny turn and was sick in the loo's.....I think it was the heat. The ladies in Tesco were lovely ..i personally think i should just send all the stores i shop in a bunch of flowers each month !! They are SO used to us now!
Was looking though some old photos last night and found the first one i remember taking..its of London bridge ( i was on a school trip in 1974 )..I was really proud of it and have scanned it..Also found photos of me young and slim ..none of my family recognised me !!!
This is a Lo i started last week at the Wyverstone Crop. Getting excited about my weekend away at the end of the month.

and my first photo


Anam said...

wow!! lovely photo. cool layout :)

lorraineA said...

We should visit Tesco together Sue:lol:

Love that piccie, and I too can't wait until the weekend at Thornham.
L x