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Thursday, July 13, 2006

No scrapping

But i have been busy :)
We now have new windows, i spent ages clearing all the bedrooms. Ours was awful and so was the utility room. Dex took lots of bags of rubbish and clothes to the dump. The house looks so much better. Looks like we are going to have some work done on the kitchen too as it is so small and not user friendly at the mo.
I lied as i have been doing a little bit of scrapping with the year 9's at school. They are doing a scrapbook of photos for our retiring head. We were working in a very small room though and it was hot...gosh don't 14 year old girls moan!! LOL
My poor old car has been though it recently ( as well as my bank account!) after taxing and MOTing it this month i also had to have the catalytic converter replaced ( it sounded like they had left a bag of spanners in it after the MOT!) Not forgetting the brakes from Dex's breakdown last month !!! ( i must have been rich before i had a car and scrap booked)
Meg brought home her very last primary school photo today, Bless her.

I am trying hard to fit everything in over the next couple of weeks and have to keep looking at my diary to see what i am supposed to be doing LOL. School plays, sports days, training days ,leavers Bar B Que etc ...roll on holidays!!
Can i just say a VERY big thank you to Anam for pointing out the spell check thingy ( yes that is not a word ;)) on my Google tool bar..not noticed it before and boy do i need it !! LOL ( that was NOT a question Steph!!)

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Mel said...

Ahhh bless, she looks so grown up in that picture! I often think that I must have had some money at one time or another before I scrapped, drove and had a mortgage! Funny thing is I never remember having any left over, I just spent it on rubbish. I love the quote on the Basic Grey Quote Stickers that says: "I spent most of my money on scrapbooking and eating out, the rest I just wasted!" Mel x