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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Antibiotics not working ..swelling spreading..have just been prescribed stronger "stuff".
Had to use my lovely new permanent slick writer to draw around offending belly ( bet they never thought it would be used for that!..... And, NO there will be no photos!!!)so that i can keep an eye on the redness..if it spreads anymore in the next 48 hrs, i have to go back for MEGA antibiotics ( Doc says they will make me feel really ill...................ohh joy) LOL......fingers crossed..not panicking about being ready for work on Monday!


Annette said...

Take it easy sweetpea. Work can wait. You HAVE to get better first. Love you xoxox

Debbie said...

Oh Sue darl' hope those stronger antib's are kicking in and doing their job this morning. I agree with Annette work CAN wait!

PS Hope you added a few doodley doodles to pretty up your belly Missus

lorraineA said...

Sue - I will put the tips for using the slick writer in September Booklet:)

Look after yourself my dear.