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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A mixed day

I was happy this morning..well reasonably :) A parcel from Artbase is always a nice way to start the day ..even if i do have to sign for it from behind the door as i have just got out of the bath!!
Took Nats to her Doc's appointment in Stowmarket, fine new doctor..very nice and i can understand everything his says ..always a plus :)
Came home, phone to a call for Nats to go out with some friends this afternoon lovely..can i just drop her off a few miles away and they will bring her back. Yup great!
No the bloody car will not start..nothing ..Dex gets up and tries ..its not making a sound ..even with his flash charger thingy :( :( :( This looks like it is going to cost lots..i wish i had never bought the car as it is such a drain..any regular readers will know i have already spent far too much on this car already!!
Ohh and i can't unlock the backdoor as the lock is!
The day started so well too LOL
Here is the speshal dare for this glad i did it.

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