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Monday, August 07, 2006

Thanks to Shell

You can now click on a few more friends blogs. I made such a mess of adding the links!! If you click on Ann(i)e's name , you can see her fabby blog and take part in the challenges. I am going to try to do mine today. Anam has done a great one (on her blog)
Well it feels like the first day of my hol today ( as i don't have to be anywhere) and of course it is raining LOL!! Ah well what better excuse to just scrap all day ( i am sure it is what my darling intend to do !!;)) Meg is already grounded anyway. She is allowed to go to "the green" around the corner from our house, as long as she takes her mobile with her ( so i can check she is ok and gently remind her when to come home). I phoned three times last night and she turned the phone off !! Little horror!! Dex had to go get her ..apparently there was a drunk man sitting on one of the benches swearing away to himself and Megan + friends wanted to watch !!! They were keeping well away.. but that is why she is gounded today.
Managed to finish the other side to the double LO i started yesterday and won a prize in the Uk's CC raffle :)
Blgger won't let me upload photo so will do it later .

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Nicki said...

I am not looking forward to my brood getting old enough to go out and about:) Love your interpretation of the challenge