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Monday, August 14, 2006


Got home yesterday lunchtime ( thanks Anet, Raymond and Rose). I can't believe how tired i am LOL. Hopefully it won't last and i can catch up on some scrapping.
Have five gall stones and gall bladder removed. Have to say that hospital was amazing. It is the very first time i have had to stay in other than to give birth ( which was also much more painful!!) The staff were wonderful, the food out of this world and the place so peaceful....ahh well back to normal chaos LOL
The children are being lovely at the mo and i have had loads of cuddles from Dan ( who stopped cuddling a while ago ..not cool!)
Thank everyone for such lovely will resume ASAP :)


Heather said...

Glad your hospital stay was positive and you're getting hugs now you're home. :)

Shell said...

Glad you had a good stay hun. Sending on the mend vibes!

Mel said...

So glad you are home and the recouperation is going well :)
Mel x

Nicki said...

Really glad that all went well and you are home:)

Tagged you btw see here

Ellie said...

so glad your home, you making me feel like a stay in hospital is it really that good?? (lol of corse i dont want to get ill!) cant wait to see you back to your normal active self hun!

Cath said...

Hope youre feeling 100% now Sue and glad you had a good stay in the hosp