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Friday, August 18, 2006

Uk's Blog prompt

some of the ladies on UK's have a daily blog prompt and i really like today's....

If you could go back to about the age of 14, when you're just entering your teenage years, what 3-5 pieces of advice would you give yourself?

Ok here goes,

It is NOT essential to always have a boy friend, you CAN exist without one for a while.

Stop worrying about how you are STUNNING and it will all go downhill rapidly , make the most of it now.

Be adventurous, go to places on your own. Spend as much time as possible at concerts etc.

Live life to the full and do some thing scary every so often.

This is me at 14 (taken in 1974) in our back garden. Mum had this dress delivered by accident and i made her photograph me in it before she sent it back LOL


Anam said...

beautiful photo - love the prompts - might have to do them myself.

Nicki said...

Stunning photo SUe:)
LOve your lessons too

Heather said...

WOW! What a great photo and sound advice. Made me laugh to read of how you came to be wearing it LOL!

Stevie said...

Wow sue you havent changed a bit!