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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Off for a couple of days

Got a call to go to Hospital to have my gall stones removed tomorrow. I have to admit that i have been very lucky so far as this is my very first operation. I did think that i would only be in for the day ( as that's what i was originally told) but, i have to go to a different hosp (private as the local is over booked) and they say up to two days. Poor Dex at home with our lot!!!!
Anyway i am off top buy some scrapbook mags later today . I have already told Dex that only only want flowers that are rubber stamps ;) ;)
I shall miss the new Ali E challenge on Anne's blog tomorrow and the start of the CC on scrappad AND the new speshal dare...just as i had caught up!!! oh well
Have a great week end
At least i can't do much when i get home for a week or to so i will scrap then ( hopefully )


Cath said...

Hope it all goes well sweetheart!

Anam said...

**sending huge easy healing vibes**

Nicki said...

Hope the op goes well Sue.
Will give you a cyber kick up the jaksy when you get out to make you cathc up on the challenges lol

Julie said...

I hope you are ok Sue... see you next week

julie x

Ellie said...

best of luck hun hope all oes well

Mel said...

Just popped over to read your blog - hope all went well \ is going well. Thinking of you. Hope the recovery is gentle and filled with scrapping mags and cups of tea! :) Mel x