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Thursday, August 24, 2006

A cold rainy day today

AND i am going to be lazy and have fish n' chips for tea.
Dex and Daniel went to Ipswich town FC to day ( with kids klub). They BOTH had a great day although (of course) they both came home with new kit. Dex forgot to take a!! He said lots of people took photos , so i might still get some. Dex was so impressed with the day that he has phoned to ask about a season ticket for them both. Nice quiet Saturdays then ;) LOL
A couple of photos for you of Dan, who at first refused to smile ( he is SO fed up with me photographing him at the mo) , then he went over the top with a big cheesy grin.


Ellie said...

cheeky!! lol

Jenie said...

LOL at the big cheesy grin!

scrapdolly said...

First time I have visited - I will be back

Love the title banner you have

Suzanne said...

What a good looking lad you have there Soo ... and you are getting more photos from your boys than I do of mine!

Nicki said...

Woohoo more all day crops!!!!