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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just made Dex VERY happy

LOL not what you are thinking.!!
He has lead a very sheltered life and not been to many concerts and stuff, so i have got him tickets to see The Stranglers ( one of his all time fav groups ) at the UEA in Norwich in a couple of weeks :) ..He is over the moon as he has never seen them live...Nets is gonna go with him ( i am not a stranglers fan )Cool eh?
Just got confirmation that we can have our holiday in Cornwall next August ( see photo below) ..i know its a long way off but it is so popular that we weren't sure we would be able to get it ( though we have stayed there a couple of times before). I am soo excited as we will be there for two weeks and it is so peaceful :)


joanna said...

It looks beautiful, Sue; and I bet Dex will have a fab time at the concert!

Cath said...

Wow looks awesome Sue, you have every right to be pleased!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Sue! Where abouts is it?Nickibee