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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So Hot!!

I have been so hot all day! Even after a cool bath, i am melting.
First day back at school today. My timetable was clear as mud as usual LOL.. I spent half of one lesson looking for a particular child to support and was sent all over the school before i found him. I spent another period in the wrong lesson ( shame as i love biology!) Can't get over how tall everyone has grown ..or maybe i am just shrinking LOL
Just finished assembling ( after blitzing Dan's room) Dan's new bed. Most definitely thew last one i am buying him!! He broke the last one , in ways you wouldn't believe. I bought him one of those high beds before that about three years ago. Stupidly not thinking how difficult it would be for a shorty like me to change the sheets! Not nice after an accident in the middle of the night and i had wee dripping on my head. Or, that Dan is so tall he couldn't sit up in bed without banging his head......sigh.
Too tired to scrap at the mo but hopeing to do some at the weekend. Dan and Dex now have season tickets for Ipswich every other Sat , i shall have a bit of peace :) :)

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joanna said...

Sue, I've just bought mid-sleepers for the kids, and changing the sheets was something I'd totally NOT thought about - I am a tiddler, too - oh well, perhaps they'll do it themselves...:D