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Thursday, September 14, 2006

How sweet

is my darling husband? I am off to the scrapping Angels retreat at Bury next Saturday. I have a map but i always like to know exactly which lane to be in before i go anywhere. So he is going to take us for a run out this weekend...I am such a nit!!
I have Ali E's challenge almost done, just need to add a couple of bits and stick stuff down. Sooooooooo tired that i probably won't do it tonight. We had a really bad thunder storm last night and a power cut . The noise and the dark upset the children and i ended up a sandwich in my bed!! it was so hot too.
Will try to get it done and uploaded tomorrow night.


joanna said...

I know what you mean about needing to know where you're going, Sue; I don't see anything odd about that! You'll have a fab time at the retreat, I'm sure. Look forward to seeing your layout.

Anonymous said...

He is incredibly sweet until you bite him.
If you need to know anything else about your husband, just ask ... but you really should talk to eachother instead though. :0)x

Nicki said...

What an auful storm! We had it to while packing up the crop lol.
Have a great time with the angels!