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Monday, September 18, 2006

Worn out

already this week ..can't believe it is only Monday!! School was busy, i have a few to keep an eye on now and that includes break and lunch times. I know i should just go to the staff room and sit and eat but i do worry about them. I suppose its having difficult children myself ,just hoping someone is watching out for them too.
I get home from work ,do tea (Dex and i take turns) and then sort out the homework/spellings( even though mine leaves a lot to be desired)and reading.( Dex and i do NOT take turns!) Boy there was a lot tonight!! Then it is bath time , supper , story and bed ..opps its 9pm and i am shattered LOL.
I need to scrap for relaxation and there is rubbish on Tv tonight..if i can stay awake..................


Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) to you too Soo! What is it with being a mother that leaves you so knackered? Sounds like you have stacks on at work too!


joanna said...

Sue, I hope your week got better as it went on :) - it's awful feeling tired on a Monday. Hope you got to do some scrapping.