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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

feeling a bit naughty.... i am typing this at work ( in my lunch hour) , but still on the schools PC...
Had a great time at the weekend at the Scrapping Angels crop. Spent some quality time with my Sis Nets..not done that for ages. So nice to have a conversation without one of our children interupting .
MY Tomtom works really well and took me home an unusual ( but quick) way from Bury..didn't meet many cars. DEx is now worried that i can go where ever i want to now ;)
Ohh BTW i don't have google spell check here so please excuse any mistakes!! LOL
I got to meet Emily and Anna and Ann(i)e :) :) I started all the projects but haven't finished any soon as i do , i will show you . Brill classes.
It was lovely to meet lots of people who i have only seen online before and make new friends too.
Off to Wyverstone this Saturday , so i am being spoiled and make actually finish something!! I have two Ali E challenges to do too.

I pinched this photo from Anna's blog ( sorry Anna!)


Mel said...

It was great to meet you again Sue, glad you enjoyed the weekend too. I had a blast. I think I NEED that Sat Nav too! Mel x

Cath said...

Glad you had a great weekend!