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Friday, September 22, 2006


Off in the morning to Bury St Eds as i am a Scrapping Angel ! :)
Really looking forward to spending the weekend in a nice hotel, some fab teachers and wonderful friends ( and friends to be :)) Of course i am no where near ready!!
Dex bought me a tom tom so i won't get lost on the way home ;)
Poor , poor Dex. Yesterday he was complaining of a bad back and bought himself some of the horribly smell deep heat spray. He asked me to spray his i did. I gave it a good spray. He said "that's enough" and a couple of mins later, it went bright red and looked like sunburn. So...........................i read the label ( like you do) and it said "spray sparingly" :) He had to lay in a cold bath for 20 ok now ( resorted to paracetamol for the back ache) has a slight phobia of spray cans though...............awful wife that i am, i am abandoning him with our delightful children for the weekend LOL.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time. I am not in the slightest bit jealous! No really I'm not lol

Anonymous said...

Sue that's so funny - I'm crying with laughter, Hannah wanted to know what was so funny but I couldn't tell her I was laughing so much - she's now gone off shaking her head.
BTW remind me at Wyverstone & I'll tell you a very funny story that involves DH, me and the shower tap :)
Have a great time and unlike Nicki I'm dead jealous.
Eileen aka Night Owl

joanna said...

Hope you're having a totally fab weekend, Sue. Perversely, I LOVE the smell of Deep Heat! Hope Dex has recovered.