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Monday, September 04, 2006

My Baby

Has started high school today!! She is so nervous you can see in the photo smiles this morning. Although she did manage one as the taxi was pulling away. She was picked up at 8am..far to early for a 7 mile trip! apparently , she is the first to be picked up and last to be dropped off and they didn't know she was diabetic. The taxi driver has a diabetic son and is going to ask if she can be picked up later by another taxi. I have given her extra snacks today as i am sure she is going to use up so much energy just worrying.
I am back to work today , but just for a little while this morning for some INSET. Back properly on Wednesday when the school is open.
Dan goes back to school tomorrow.
My infection seems to be cleared up now. My antiboitics finish tomorrow.
A couple of photos from this morning:


Debbie said...

Holding thumbs your baby has a FABULOUS first day at high school Sue!

joanna said...

Ahh, Soo - I hope she's had a really fab day - lovely photos :)

Anam said...

she looks so grown up. love her eyes.