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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And i wanted an early night

I never seem to get there before 11 and i am not going to tonight either!! There just not enough day.

This has to be the quickest LO i have done ..took half an hour from not even knowing what photos to scrap. Not sure if i Even like it or not ..Just love those photos of Daniel though. He looks so little and sweet and CLEAN LOL! I suppose most 14 yr old's look like they have been dragged though a hedge instead of looking like he had just been scrubbed as in these.

I was doing homework club till after 5 and then tea. I was also a little side tracked as these yummy boxes arrived today. Dex not only saw the enormous box but opened it to see what i had bought and now knows how much i spent too!!

ahh well thank goodness it is pay day soon.

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