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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holidays are over

Back to school tomorrow...back to manic madness in the mornings. I have really enjoyed the relaxing mornings with no agenda over the last couple of weeks. Not looking forward to getting up at 6.30 so that Dan can get his taxi at 7.15, I then get Meg up ready for her taxi at 8.30, i go to my course for 9am and Nats is picked up at 9.30. Ohh and they need planners signed, dinner money (for one) packed lunches ( 3), sports and swimming kit, spare change, meds before they go etc etc. LOL I am sure it is similar in most houses.

I am happy that i have done all my homework ( at the last min!!) and will only have one Unit left to do after tomorrow ( two pieces of writing) Yayyyyyyyyyy Then i will finish my course...need to find something else to do!

Not doing so well on the Big Picture Layout a day..i have only managed three so far LOL

The one above is today's.
Well I need to get rid of 2 inches of grey hair and finish a bit of washing.
Happy Birthday Janice :)
Good Luck to Mel for tomorrow ..she's having a baby!!!!

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joanna said...

Soo, I realised at 10 o'clock last night that the PE kits were still festering in their bags from before Christmas, so they had a quick go through the machine - there's so much to think of, isn't there!! Hope you all had a smooth return to school :) xx