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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Back

to feeling better :D At last!

Went out for a Christmas ( i know!) meal last night. I couldn't eat too much but it was great to catch up with friends i hadn't seen for ages. It was the play scheme committee and as i have now resigned, was presented with a bottle of wine. My children are all too old now to go and i have been helping out since Nats started school, so it was time to stop.

I have decided to start up loading to the big picture again ...I know i have missed lots and it finishes at the end of the month. So i give myself a personal challenge of doing 30 Lo's in a a day. Here is No1. I found this photo on a disc and it made me laugh as they both look they have been "up to something!"...which they probably had!!
Spoke to Nets today and poor Rose had her feet badly burned in a hotel bath last night and has had two trips to hospital. Luckily only one has blistered ( must hurt like mad!!) . Hope she heals quickly. Reminds me of a holiday in Cornwall when Nats slammed Megs fingers in the bathroom door ( she was about the same age as Rose) and we had to quickly find the nearest hosp as we couldn't tell if any were broken.

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Anonymous said...

Thank crunchie! I can't believe that after 96 years you have finally resigned .. I am sure they are going to miss you but you have more than done your stint and you deserve a rest. Well done BITC x