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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm back!

Not that you will have noticed that I have been away ! My PC died and had to have a new heart..Thanks to Raymond who knew straight away what the problem was and managed to fix it in just over 20 mins, we are back! If you ever need your PC sorting and live in Anglia I can highly recommend My BIL at TECNIA who has the patience of a saint.
Any how, I have discovered NESTIBILITIES..I know..they have been around ages and I do have an oval set, but I just never got the hang on them before. The card above is my fist "go" at actually using some.
The stamps were free on a mag and given to me from a friend at work..I think they are so cute!
Other news ..Dan is back from his school trip to Wales ( seems to have brought most of that sand back with him!) The poor washing machine doesn't know whats hit it! These are two of the TEN photos he took..honestly, I told him that the card would hold thousands of images.I suppose he was just too busy having fun. I will just have to wait till the school send their photo CD home.

He is very proud of himself as he climbed to the top of Snowdon ...he has blisters to prove it too.
He is STILL asleep today and its 1.30 pm!

BTW , I managed to get a whole load of jumpers for loaning out at school and have to make more muffins for Monday. Next week is the yr 11's last week in school before exams, they all started high school when I became a TA so I shall miss them all as I have known them since they were yr 7's. Some a lot longer as I used to help at the nursery when Dan was little and he is the same age. Thats scary as it means that Dan only has a little while left too.
Bye for now

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