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Saturday, May 22, 2010


They are pussycats really !

Some of my babies left school yesterday :D They started yr 7 when I first became a TA and I have supported them in class and later getting them into college etc. They will be back for exams and I have been invited to the prom but I am sad.
All week they have been popping into the Office ( sometimes not by choice! LOL).
I have loads of photos and don't usually put any up but just this once thought i'd share...i really thought they were making rude signs behind my back (or above my head) and was quite suprised with the result.


Effie said...

Them is big babies!

Cath x said...

Big hugs Soo, i guess it's hard when you've known them so long and watched them grow up xxxxx

Boo said...

Soo, those are cracking photos and ones you will treasure forever. Those babies will keep in touch with you I am sure. They won't ever forget you either I bet. :D Thanks for sharing. xxx

lyzzydee said...

Awww Bless!!!!