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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Just For Ericka :D

Who liked my cooking photos......I Baked ...These are Banana and pecan Muffins. (I can add nuts as Dan is away for the week...he hates nuts...can't believe he is my son!)
My Cake stand was from Avon ..bought it to pop my muffins and buns on (ooops!) and then haven't cooked for a while.

Sausage plait for tea later ( its only half cooked at the mo)

Dan is in Wales all this week , today he was rock climbing all day , tomorrow he is sea level traversing ( what ever that is!) and raft building.
We shall visit the Chinese in Norwich (Dan hates it) and hopefully squeezing Nets ..we both need a squeeze at the moment. In fact if you are family and reading, consider yourself squeezed!! Love you to bits( you know who you are).

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Muckyfingers said...

I definitely need to squeeze... Looking forward to tomorrow xoxoxoxox