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Monday, May 10, 2010

Keeping Busy

Making MORE muffins!! this time raspberry and white chocolate but i had a small accident when i opened the store cupboard and some pecan nuts fell in too :D
I told the year 11 that as they don't need their uniform now, if they donate jumpers and ties to the school ( for loan out..another of my jobs), i will reward them with a muffin.

These LOOK fab don't they BUT i forgot to put sugar in them, hence the sugar on the top! These are Blueberry

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Paperkapers said...

Sorry I had to lol at your sugarless blueberry muffins, even though they look delicious.. why are you at the other end of the country?!

I had my first go at making a key lime pie the other day and forgot to put the sugar in the meringue. Plus it was my first attempt at using my food processor to make the meringue and there must have been a teeny bit of water somewhere and it went all strange. Still tasted okay, was all eaten, but still, could have been better lol