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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mixed Day

Some of the Muffins I made yesterday.
Derek asked for a chocolate cake and this is what i made. There is not much left now even though you only need a small slice.
I took a few photos out side yesterday as it was such a lovely sunny day. My herb pot is coming along nicely and some of that sage was cooked with our roast chicken.
The flowers in the pots are just starting to flower. Mum would love these colours

It was a quiet morning at work and I was able to catch up with paper work and update all the spread sheets. Of course it didn't last and it was a manic afternoon and I even had to shout at a small group of boys. They don't get to hear me shout much, I do try not to but but this group were just so rude.
Unfortunately I have spent most of the evening shouting my children :( I DO wish they would just pretend to like each other occasionally and not always wind each other up. Grrrrrr !! I will be glad when they have all gone to bed tonight!
Had a chat with Megan's school Ed. Psych today today that has also left me feeling a bit down. I had asked for a review because she was last seen in yr 4 at primary school and had been given an IQ of 48 and I was hoping it was wrong. The Ed Psych seems to think that it is probably not but will arrange for me to meet with her and the S.E.N.C.O to talk about Megan's options after she leaves school. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but the thought of having them all at home , not working is a tiny bit depressing to say the least AND there would be no way that I would be able to go out work as I would have to make sure they didn't fight etc etc.
OOhhh Sorry didn't meant to be so bleak!
Here's to a sun shiny day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Love you :0) xoxoxox

Cath x said...

Big hugs Soo, it must be so hard and i hope it all works out, you're a wonderful Mummy!

And OMG, that choc cake looks absolutely amazing! What recipe did you use? xxxx