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Monday, May 15, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Up early again . I usually get up at 6.30 ( Dan is picked up at 7.40 and Nats at 8)
It is like trying to push mud up a hill to get Meg up in the mornings though!! She really needs to have a blood test and injection 20 mins BEFORE brekki but, in reality, after a long fight, she usually gets up with about 5 mins to spare. This morn was no exception and She did her injection while I brushed her hair and ate brekki in the car on the way to school! I am such a bad mother....sigh.
Managed to be with the most difficult children today ( they don't faze or intimidate me and occasionally I am actually able to get them to work!!) Came home with a bit of a headache though.
Caught up with all Dan's washing..I think he enjoyed his school trip. LOL as soon as he got home on Friday , it was his dad that he ran too. I was really pleased as I am sure Derek thought he would "need" me.
When Dan came home today he whisperd in my ear that he had given his girlfriend a kiss ( he is growing up too fast!!) I did tell him that he shouldn't really be kissing at school but, he said it was alright "we hid up"!! Dex had a little chat with him.
Tonight was the first time he asked to use the phone( to phone Chelsea up), I had to prise it off Megan first.
Did a couple of LO's this weekend. challenges on UK's board. The first wouldn't scan very well as it is so lumpy..looks much better IRL......i LOVE stamping and the challenge was to use only cardstock no PP

The second was to do some journalling 60 words or more...i chose the place we love the most. A bungalow in Cornwall.

Journalling reads:

We don’t go abroad for our holidays with
the children. They all have learning difficulties
and other problems and are on medication.
It would be too complicated. Over the last few
years, we have fallen in love with a place in
Cornwall. In 2003 we found a wonderful
location right next to Praa sands beach.
It is a large bungalow at the end of a private
drive. It has amazing views of the beach from
the main bedroom, living room and kitchen.
It also has some wonderful gardens. Each time
we stay, it feels a bit more like home.
Our dream would be to win the lottery and
move there permanently.
If the children have been difficult or we
are stressed for any reason, all we have to
do is step outside, look at the view and listen
to the sound of the sea. Watching the sun set
over the sea is beautiful. Even watching a
thunderstorm is awesome.
The saddest thing is that the price has risen
So much recently that we have not been able
to afford to go

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