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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Lazy weekend

Well after last weekend intentions of going out. The weather has been awful, so apart from the usuall boring housework, not done much :)
Have done a couple of LO's . One from my NYOBC kit ( too lumpy to scan ) and a dare....might up load it later.Need to do some ATC's for this months trade.
Meg has been scrapping on and off this afternoon ( as we didn't go out) ..almost finished but she has to stop to watch "the magic roundabout" LOL Bless her. I think she is missing Dan a bit, she is just fighting more with Nats though.
We had a phone call from Dan last night..he sounded a bit subdued (sp??) I just wanted to give him a big cuddle. It is his very first time away. It sounded like he had been very busy, he has already been to a castle, the beach and some slate mines. He has used up two of the three cameras already !!! Typicall
Dex and I spend Friday evening gardening..a bit surreal. I was working evenings last year and was always cross that I couldn't potter in the garen in the evenings. Dex hates gardening but seemed to enjoy himself...isn't it nice to be able to do things together? Meg was stuck infront of the TV at the time and Nats was up in her room so we were able to get on ............lovely :)

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