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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ohh my poor heart.

Just had a phone call from Daniel..a sad, teary little voice
:( Missing us all. His teacher came on the phone so say that Dan had got himself in a bit of a state ( probably fighting) ..and needed to talk. I had to be really brave and "up" for him.
He hasn't been away from home before and i knew it wouldn't be easy. He has used up all the cameras AND all his money . I did think it was mean that they weren't allowed to take more than £10 BUT I was told they would be given a pound a day. His teacher said he was given as much as he asked for and has bought us presants. He is going to loan him some more ( thank goodness..i would have sent loads more!!)
Dan sounded a bit better when he went but I am crying now..just want him home for a cuddle!!HOW the hell can parents sent their children away to school? Thank goodness Dex had already gone to bed as we would have both been crying!! He comes home on Friday. Even Meg , his worst ememy is missing him.


Jen said...

Oh dear! It's awful when they are far away and they sound sad/cry. My mum still says it hurts when one of us call up like that, and we're all in our forties! Hopefully it's just a passing sadness and he's enjoyed himself really. Had to get used to partings v. quickly when we divorced when Claire was 2 1/2.... it was heartbreaking at times, but you do both get used to it. HUGS! I expect you'll have to praise him for being so brave when he gets back..

Anonymous said...
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