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Friday, May 26, 2006

Mixed feelings

About half term. Really looking forward to NOT having to get up (and fight with the children to get them up) early in the mornings. Not sure about having my hol with the children every single time LOL ahh well, just doesn't feel like THAT much of a break!
Daniel played football at Norwich city Football ground yesterday and they gave him a medal for scoring a goal. He is as high as a kite today LOL
Meg took part in the Church service ( for the first time yesterday) i wish i could have gone to support her ( as she was VERY nervouse) but i wasn't given any notice to get time off. I told her to think of me telling her she would be fine ..bless her thats whyat she did,,she said " i could hear you in my head mum".
Better get ready for work!

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