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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A slightly better day

After last night when i found that Megan had got white paint everywhere in her bedroom. All over the carpet ( was scrubbing it though my tears at 10.30 last night), the walls even her clothes. Thankfully after a hot wash and my scrubbing there is very little left to see. I have "grounded" her for the week but I have to say she doesn't seem that bothered!!!
The start of exams at school today. After years of having to put the desks out every night after the sports hall shut at 10pm , I am now sitting behind one as a reader. It wasn't so bad, managed to pronounce of the chemisrty words but it was cold. Tomorrow i am wearing a jumper!! LOL you can tell its Summer term at school as its warmer outside than in. Have been asked to do a talk on enviromental/recycling/energy issues in the school tomorrow!! I will be waffling a bit but the title of my blog isn't for nothing.
Need a little photo of Darren just to brighten up this post ;) Eva , my niece came up to me at school today and said that she is already looking forward to the next concert.She was wearing a VERY smart pair of new shoes form my fav shop ( schuh) , i think i need to go shopping ;)

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Jen said...

Aw! Sorry about the paint :( Glad you had some Hotel Chocolat goodies to eat - love that stuff!!!