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Monday, May 01, 2006

New Clothes

Had the day from Hell yesterday. We had to go shopping , mainly for Daniel as he has grown out of everything! He is off on his very first school trip on Friday and needed to be kitted out. Megan has also had a growth spurt. As usuall we planned the trip with millitary organisation, as the children just can not cope with change/going out/buying stuff/etc etc. Anyway after a few false starts we eventually got to Norwich , Dex dropped Nats and i off at the new Chaperfield Mall ( my first visit!!) and went off with the other two. Now if you need "casual clothes" and lots of them, i can highly recommend "Sports World" ..I got Dan four pairs of bottoms, three t-shirts and a fleece for £52 !! I have to say that i was very sad to have to buy small mens instead of a childrens size..he is only 12 and already wearing MENS sizes!! :( Anyway managed to get the children sorted and even bought Dex some stuff. Stopped at hotel Chocolate on the way out :) small box consumed in the bath later certainly helped to sooth my frazzled nerves.
The photos are taken while trying on the new clothes..Meg will pose for hours ..i even tried one of Kirsty's angled shots LOL.

Have been "tagged" by Karen:

Five things in your fridge?

Megs insulin
Low fat yougurts..dex is trying to lose weight
wine :)
Veg that really ought to be thown out ...who am i kidding ( kids won't eat them!)

Five things in your car?

2006 road map
Natalies blue badge
Megan's raincoat
change for parking
a spare jumper ??...........boreing stuff

Five things in your bag?

O de lancome perfume
Mine AND Nats mobiles ( both need recharging!!)
A Savage garen CD 9 incase Dex would let us listen to it yesterday in the car,,,he didn't)
Some shortbread fingers ( incase i got hungrey at the crop on Sat)
A flower i cut out of chatterbox paper and lost ( too late now LOL)

Five things in your Wardrobe?

A black and white retro dress ( size 14 LOL) from the 80's
Dex matching black and white waistcoat!!
Loads of sparkly stuff that i won't ever wear again!
A handbag that i made and embellished with sequins and loads of embroidery
In the top bit ..loads of board games.

Five things you would watch on sky plus

any murder mystery
Crossing over ( love John Edwards)
MTV all the channels
the movie channel ( sorry not sure if these are the right kind of answers)

This is my version of Karen ( scrapdolly's CC class last weekend)

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Christi Snow said...

Sue, this layout is gorgeous. Her eyes are amazing and with the blue of the layout, you have set them off perfectly!! Gorgeous!