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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Okay..I'll get the moan over with first..

Sorry to moan YET again!!
I keep getting phone calls from our provider..PIPEX Grrrrrrrrrr I HATE them and will be changing very soon. As i said a few posts ago, Meg ran up the phone bill, they were going to take £137 out of our account last week..So I phoned, explained that Meg had Learning probs, didn't understand about the cost etc. Please could I pay half this month and half next. ( perfectly reasonable I thought ). The woman said yes, she'd cancel my DD and i should pay by card and then set up DD again afterwards when I had paid the second part of the bill.
I have had three calls so far telling me I am in arrears and that unless I pay the full amount by Aug 25th , our service will be suspended!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it, I explained that I have three children with LD and medical health problems and that no way should they cut our service. Had a looooooooooooooog conversation with a woman last night but I still don't know if they will cut the service. I had asked that we have a code put on the phone so that you can make free calls or emergency but have to dial a code before the main no. I think that is the only way to stop Meg phoning her friends at peak times or their mobiles. They said that they don't offer this service..I have asked three different operators...considering how big the company is, I find it hard to understand. They will put a ban on calling mobiles..useless to me as I need to be able to contact Derek..especially if i have a problem with the children. Ohh and when i originally signed up with U SWITCH, who were taken over by pipex, I had a ban on all premium no's...when i got my bill , Meg had also been phoning BB an 090 no!! SO pipex had changed our service and I was unaware.
Sorry but it really makes me mad and I already have another service provider lined up for when I have paid the stupid bill..a small company that will give me fre evening and weekend calls, an automatic ban on 090 No's AND will put a code on the phone and a discount for phoning mobiles!!
rant over ( for now ;))

Will be back later with cards and LO's :)

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