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Friday, August 22, 2008

I LOVE you Steph!!

My wonderful Sister had just sorted out my horrible problem with pipex and saved me LOADS!
Pipex have been phoning me twice a day to let me know that i am in arrears and please can i pay my bill. Even though i had their blessing to pay in two instalments they were telling me that my phone would be cut off.
I was worried about my broadband service if they cut the phone, so phoned Steph to ask. She told me to phone Virgin ( who are my ISP ) to see what they could offer :)
I did, I spoke to a man i could understand !! Yayy! For the same price that i already pay them, i can also have free weekend and evening UK calls AND my broadband has been upgraded. How cool is that!!
So next time Pipex call, and they will, I can ask them to send me a closing statement..because they are no longer my phone service providers!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............And i can pay them next month :)


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Maria said...

Yay and hope you tell Pipex where they can go.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend xxx