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Friday, August 15, 2008


Apart from my MOT.........Nats woke me up at 6.45 saying that she thought someone knocked on the door...they didn't ..She still asleep in bed ..i have been up ever since!

Started to watch "The Gilmore Girls"........Dex and Dan ( Dan went to work with him last night) phone me a few times, Meg gets up. needs blood test ,injection and breakfast. I take my car down to local mechanic. Start watch E +1 coz i missed the scond half of the progamm...Dan and Dex come home, Meg comes in. They all want my attention. So i miss "The Gilmore Girls again".

Dex popped into Asda on his break this morning pick up a camera on special that can fit in my bag for tonight....We are going to see Boyzone tonight. When we unpacked it, everything is there EXCEPT the camera!!!! He has just had to go all the way back to Ipswich to get it ( 20 miles) ..I can't coz i have no car...he ought to be sleeping off nights.

Dan was going with him but Dex asked him to close the car window( so he could put the air con on) but Dan lost it and came in swearing and in a filthy mood ( probably tired ) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr And we haven't got half Way though the day yet!!!!

Pic is of the camera that we shall eventually take with us..they ought to throw in a spare memory card too!!!!!!!!!!!

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Enfys said...

I shouldn't laugh really but your post sooooooo reminds me of some of my days!