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Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Matter what

...they say..Boyzone was great!! :) They sang all my faves and did a Micheal Jackson Medley too. Dex was surprised that he enjoyed them too. It was VERY crowded and being SO short , I had to stand well back to see above all the tall peoples heads.

Ohh and we won £25 on a race..I only let him bet on one race :) It was nice to see how the other half lives and funny too..too much make up ..skirts ( belts) too short and weird hats!

I was also surprised to see so many people i knew! Bumped into two ex boyfriends..Well one didn't recognise me as its been 30 yrs and i am still not quite sure if it was him. Anyway we had a wonderful time.

After all the fuss about getting that blasted camera yesterday..the photos were crap! I didn't take many ..i forgot ..too busy looking about ..ahh well. crappy photo above!

Back to scrapping

Still lots going on over at the GoGo House with spot prizes too.

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