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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We have Sunshine!

Woke up to lovely sunshine this morning :) Not sure how long it will last . Doesn't it make SO much difference...I don't mind whether it is hot or cold as long as there is lots of sunlight!Natalie Is off to start voluntary work at a local Oxfam today. Her Mencap worker is supporting her for a couple of weeks and then hopefully , she will be on her own. They tried a few months ago at the local British heart foundation and she was doing really well but the manager wouldn't let her stay without support :( ..They weren't even paying her!! And they gave her jobs to do that frightened her steam cleaning the clothes ( she has dyspraxia as one of her diagnosis's ..clumsy) but she was trying hard and even learned to get on the and off the bus, sort the money out and get there on time by herself...Hope it goes better with Oxfam.
Meg and I have eye tests this afternoon..I hope it doesn't cost too much as we both need new specs..Meg has been asking about contacts, can diabetics wear contacts?? I will ask today.
This is the sketch LO from yesterdays ScrapaGoGo's challenge And a peek at Augusts create kit.


Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Gorgous LO. Hope all goes well for your DD. I understand your fears as i have a ceribal palsey brother who has fought for his independence. Hopefully it will go well and she will soon grow in confidence.

Maria said...

Hope Natalie's day went ok. I'd be scared of steam cleaning as I'm just plain clumsy.

Hope the optician wasn't too expensive for you.

Fab layout as well.

Happy Thursday