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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And Change

My sis thought the template . although nice , was to dark for my sunny disposition LOL! So this looks a bit more like me..The font is staying though Steph! ;)
Am waiting to speak to the doc this morn as Dan had another seizure last night, different from the others i have seen. He is fine and still sleeping this morning but i do feel so sad..He really does have enough on his plate! Looks like i might have to completely rethink his meds too..a looong haul :(
Well at least its stopped raining today..Yesterday was a real washout and I got soaked a few times.
Meg went to see Mamma Mia with some Friends and is now singing Abba songs...looking surprised when i know the words LOL. I had to go out to get her a dress yesterday as she and a couple of Friends are having "summer masked ball" on Friday night and she really NEEDED a dress..Meg doesn't DO dresses and she looks adorable in it..I will photograph on Friday :)
Poor Dan had to come with me while i looked in the clothes shops ..not his thing , so I took him to subway for lunch.
Hoping to scrap a bit later today.


Anonymous said...

Blinkin heck, that looks a bit different!!!! Like it tho :) Hugs for my darling Dan xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

I didn't say you had to have no background at all though! If the font stays can we compromise on the pic - how about a nice pic of a piece of wood, Zebrano maybe or purple heart?
Poor Dan, tell him his favourite sends her love, no we know I don't mean me, even if I do send my love too xoxoxoxox