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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Days Left!!

Not including today that is. Back to school for all of us on Weds. Dex is in Norwich at this moment getting "stuff" for Dan as of course he has grown again! Even his waist this year LOL
I had a great day yesterday at Thornham . My sis Anet, arranged for us to meet up with some friends for a day of scrapping. Little sis even joined us with her girls. We also had a visit from Dex, as it was only 4 miles down the road from us, and Nats ( who stayed to scrap too) Raymond and Rose popped in for a while too. I love the photo of Rose ( who only answers to ROSIE now) on the really difficult to take a photo of swinging with a pretty basic digi camera LOL
We had another call from pipex yesterday ( even though i have now paid every penny i owe them ,,after they said i could pay the remaining amount on 18th Sept!!) I wasn't there but Dex really gave them an ear full and told them i had been hospitalized due to the stress they had caused me!! Isn't it funny how they promised him all sorts of stuff they told ME they couldn't do. Hard luck, i am changing ASAP.


Kerry said...

You tell them girl. I hate it when they say they can't do something and then you tell them you are leaving and they bend over backwards to help.

secret scrapbooker said...

Stick to your guns! its ok for them ti record calls but we cant all do that when they say things to us. Hope your well.