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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeling a bit miserable this morn :(

I know it will pass , probably before lunch..takes up too much energy to feel like this and I am lazy!
I had a phone call about my car :( It failed its MOT on Friday ..needed new headlights as the glass in mine is too yellow ??! They had to be ordered and also the hand break ..Its gonna cost over £300 ...My specs were £300 and Meg ran our phone bill up by phoning her friend on a mobile , an extra £130 ..Its been a really expensive Summer :( Ohh and the tax credit people over paid us ( my fault..i forgot to tell them when Dan dropped to medium rate care..not that there is anywhere on the form to do that) Anyway they are taking it out of our allowance.. I know its only money ...Not the end of the world and there are lots of people much worse off ( sorry for wining if you are one of them) Its just when it all happens over a space of a week, its a bit depressing..but hey I won £25 LOL Okay enough now! If you are still with me WELL DONE!
The great thing about being creative, is that its VERY therapeutic and i intend to be creative to day. Will be back to show you later .
Found this on Jakey's blog:

The Recipe For Soojay

3 parts Instinct

2 parts Ingenuity

1 part Cleverness

Splash of Delight

Sip slowly on the beach


dddeeebbbzzz said...

You can guarantee that unexpected outgoings will come in threes!!!
Hope you can use your instinct, ingenuity and cleverness to create something to delight you!!

Charlol said...

Hope the therapy makes you feel better! It's a pain when things like that happen! looking forward to seeing what you create.

jakey said...
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jakey said...

FFS - I can't even post a comment correctly!

I was going to say...PMSL that you kept going til you found a recipe you liked!!! I only liked the beach part myself... if mine was real it'd say one part grumpiness, one part pain in the ass and several parts bone idle!

hope things look up soon lovie from the one who's worse off than you... lol