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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Week has just flown by!! My birthday was Wednesday and i was at work . I was very lucky to receive lots of fab prezzies, cards and flowers. Derek took me and some friends out for a meal which was lovely. I had vouchers, money, lots of sweets incl a big jar of jelly beans!, jewelry,and a new card for my slice :).Ohh and three cakes!..all gone now of course. I am just about to cook Debs lemon drizzle cake but i intend to make it into muffins/cupcakes..if i get chance, i'll be back with photos.

Have been catching up with Dolly's 52 in 12 challenge today ( as prompt 4 is up). The above images are from prompt 3..what advise would you give your younger self? This was fun and easy as i used to be so uptight, prim and scared LOL....nothing like i am now!!