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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye bye January

No photos for you today. Sorry . I ought to have taken some of Steph who was over yesterday and Andrea who brought her! Or my car with its dented boot, STILL waiting for insurance to sort it out but atm at least able to drive it for the time being..even if it has a bit of a rattly bottom!.
In other news...I am going to the prom!! LOL they didn't even exist here when i was at school. I finally got invited to go this Summer...they are MY year 11's the ones who started when I became a teaching assistant and they hold a special place in my heart. Well it will be fun looking for some thing to wear ..all help gratefully accepted :)
Derek and I popped out for a couple of hours this morning and left the kids!!!The youngest is almost 15 so its not as bad as it sounds, but because of all the behavioural problems they have we were quite worried. They just didn't want to come. So we got up early to be at the Range when it opened at 10. Thankfully Dan and Natalie didn't even wake till we got back and we were chatting to Meg via face book on our iPhones ( good ol' FB). Not sure we will do it again though as it was quite stressful, and if you could hear the fighting between them at teatime,well lets just say I think we got away with it this time.
Craft wise, i am still only half way though Dolly's 52 in 12 week four but will get it done this week along with week 5. I have been making a few more mini calenders as some of the people at work have asked for them. This will be the last week though as we are almost in to Feb. I am half way though an exploding box ( again a couple of people at work have expressed an interest) and have two more ready to decorate. So, hopefully lots of photos next time.