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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Stocking up and Baking.

Before the frosting. Derek even bought he exact cake tin I wanted. The frosting was used in the middle and not on discourage fingers from helping themselves! Yes even teens do it!!

I am sure you can forgive me for thinking the worst ;) ! I sent Derek out to get some shopping and added a new torch, matches and a portable camping stove to the list. Lots of people in East Anglia have been without electricity for a few days and in this weather , i can't think of anything worse. Even though we have gas heating, it wont work without electric. Anyway there are all ready ..just in case :)

I spent some of the afternoon making a fab carrot cake found HERE. I changed two things: 1, the walnuts, Dan hates nuts in thing but doesn't mind if they are chopped up small and i had some chopped hazelnuts so added them instead. 2. the cheese, i used low fat philly as i already had lots in the fridge and prefer to use that because of Megs diabetes. I am very happy with how it turned out ( as are the rest of the family!) I also made a couple of sticky date cakes to be eaten with hot butter Scotch sauce and ice cream for another day.

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Debbie said...

Looks fab hun - glad you made changes as its always cool to know what works if we dont have the specific ingredients in :D (someone else used apple instead of banana which i thought was cool too!) Thanks for taking part !