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Thursday, January 07, 2010

You couldn't make this stuff up!!

Those who have read my blog recently, know that I have had a few problems with my car :) It went to the second garage yesterday and I FINALLY found out that a sensor needs replacing. I was really happy as i had thought that was the problem and it cost less than i was expecting. It has just been serviced and MOT'd but not picked up. Anyway really pleased to finally be able to pick it up this week.
I had a phone call from traffic police at 10.30 last night asking if i owned a citron belingo, reg no etc etc...i was getting worried...was it involved in a robbery before i bought it? I only bought it in April !! No..was it parked on the forecourt of a garage in Diss? ...yes. A drunk driver took a turn too fast and crashed into a lamp post ( he was fortunately not injured and has since been arrested) but the lamp post fell on your car Mrs Jones!!! I had visions of my poor car with a lamp post embedded in the middle of it.!!
Derek went to look at it this morning and it is not a write off .......thank heavens!! But i somehow don't think i will be picking it up just yet!! I know its not funny but i can't help giggling you think i have finally flipped?!

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Cath x said...

Oh Soo! If it's not one thing it's another! Hope it's sorted soon lovely xx